The project I’ll be working on

As I informed in my last post, I was selected as a GSoC participant and will be working in GNOME Games on the issue Import firmware files from the app (#145).

Currently, when a game which needs a firmware to run is added to GNOME Games, the user has to manually make a new platforms directory (if it does not exist already), make a directory corresponding to the name of the firmware being added, then copy the firmware file and rename the firmware file to match what’s written in the core.

For people who are curious, the documentation of current firmware addition process and platforms that need a firmware to run certain games are here and here respectively.

All this process can be expected to be done by the user, but let’s be honest, it it would be far more user friendly if GNOME Games had some sort of UI interface to add the firmware file just by dragging and dropping the firmware file, with the application doing the tedious, making directories and renaming files in the background.

That’s where I come in. I’ll be making the UI and back-end to make this process simpler and user friendly for the user. And to do that after discussing (mostly him explaining) with the project mentor Alexander Mikhaylenko (@exalm), we came up (he came up) with the following goals for resolution of the issue mentioned above.

Things that need to be done (restating what’s written in my proposal :^D):

  1. Refactor existing code
  2. Make an enumerate such that firmware can be listed
  3. Use the enumerate to list firmware in preferences
  4. make a method to distinguish between firmware and not firmware
  5. Make UI for adding/removing firmware
  6. Adding drag n drop functionality

Let’s hope everything goes according to plan :^)

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